Bark for Life

As a cancer survivor and an animal lover, I know the impact a pet can have in the healing process, both emotional and physical.  While I was undergoing chemotherapy and was in what I call my “chemo coma”, knowing that my dogs needed me, kept me going .  Every day whether I felt like it or not, I did what  needed to be done.  They also motivated me  to get all the illness behind me so I could devote my full attention and energy to their care and to my work with A Voice for Pets to promote spay and neutering as a way to lessen the horror of mass euthanasia of so many unwanted, unloved, and uncared dogs and cats.

Last year the Bark for Life event was in the fall at the Millenium Center in Johnson City, Tennessee.  There was also an event at Fishery Park in Erwin, Tennessee, and one in Greene County.  If there is a Bark for Life event in your community, please participate.  Save a life by adopting a homeless animals, also remember a pet will save you.

Call me, Pat Stone (423) 863-0158 if you have any questions, or e-mail

Pat, Jake, Tiny

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We are a non-profit animal rescue, located in Chuckey and Johnson City, TN, dedicated to giving a voice to animals who deserve love and compassion.

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