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Thank you for visiting our Website. And thanks to Mick with Green Media Design for creating this wonderful venue where we can showcase our rescued dogs. All of our dogs have been rescued from unimaginable situations. We help dogs and cats who are in need of assistance in Greeneville and Johnson City, Tennessee.  We offer veterinary assistance to mainly dogs and cats who have been injured or sick.

Our mission and focus is to provide a safe haven for dogs and cats who have been abused, neglected, and who are next in line to be euthanized. We focus on rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing abandoned dogs. Currently we serve 40 dogs and 3 cats at the sanctuary, and have 20 + in foster care in various locations.

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established in 2004. We receive no government funding. We exist primarily through donations like yours and your gift is tax deductible.

Since 2004 we have found homes for hundreds of dogs, 3 cats, and have vetted, spayed, neutered, medicated, and fed more than a thousand dogs.

Pat Stone, founder
A Voice for Pets
P.O. Box 567
Chuckey, TN 37641
(423) 863-0158

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We are a non-profit animal rescue, located in Chuckey and Johnson City, TN, dedicated to giving a voice to animals who deserve love and compassion.

•Phone:(423) 863-0158

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